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About Us
About Us

There’s a lot of effort you invest into establishing your market presence. The question is, why does every brand worth its salt run the extra mile towards creating a worthwhile online presence?

It is because you want to prove a point. You want your customers to know your story. You wish to proclaim that your brand is better than your competition. You want to convince your customers to choose you above the rest.
Effective storytelling is an accurate summation of art and marketing smarts. Tying that up with industry-focused insights and trends, we curate custom content to engage your target customers.

Captivate your customers with content that is intelligent, informative, relatable, and convincing.

Our expertise spans a wide range of custom content services, covering blogs, case studies, infographics, press releases, videos, surveys, and interactive content, with each output based on meticulous research and ideation.



A blog is an informal, informative piece of written content which is used to promote your services and offerings. It helps propagate your brand and spread raise awareness about your business. At GladOwl, we can help scale your business with impactful blogs, working independently, or as an extension of your in-house team.


Thought Leadership Articles

Thought leadership articles are written with a specific intent to help your business gain credibility. These articles are more formal in tone and comprise references and quotes from highly credible sources within your field. Thought leadership pieces solidify your brand reputation, and can be used as promotional material through other media channels.


Website Copy

Our content and web development teams collaborate to to develop SEO-optimized website content, a basic version of which includes a homepage, team member biographies, services, along with custom landing pages.



Infographics come into the spotlight when businesses want to share factual information in an easy-to-understand, interesting manner. It breaks down complex facts and figures with the help of images and explanations. Our design and content teams collaborate to create eye-catching and informative infographics across businesses.


Content Strategy

We can assist you with developing a detailed content strategy to boost your marketing plans and profits. This strategy will be developed in line with your business metrics and goals in close collaboration with your company executives. We’ll provide support in identifying your ideal target audience, the types of content you need, ways to promote it, and measure results – all within the boundaries of your proposed budget.


White Papers and Ebooks

White papers and ebooks are comprehensive and authoritative pieces of content which are presumably 1,500 words or longer. They help in building brand credibility, and can be put to excellent use to procure contact details of prospective clients/ target audience for further marketing efforts. Our content experts can identify targeted topics and produce thoroughly-researched and well-designed white papers and ebooks.

Our creative team ensures quality content that is originally produced and edited.

And it doesn’t end there.

Combined with our bouquet of specialized marketing services, we ensure that your content gets its rightful position in the online limelight with strategic placement, shares, and reposts. We’ll also help you track and measure your online growth to expand your customer base, establish a commanding market presence, and solidify your brand’s image.