Result-oriented Digital Marketing for the Education Sector

Result-oriented Digital Marketing for the Education Sector

Digital Marketing for the Education Sector

The emergence of the pandemic brought a lot of turmoil and uncertainty for many businesses all around the globe. Economies across the world are struggling and businesses have seen their sales plummet in just a few months. Some industries like hospitality and leisure are completely on a standstill while others like real estate are struggling to get leads or sales. Education has also seen one of its first-ever challenges wherein all schools, universities, colleges, and institutes are shut down everywhere. 

Here’s where a digital marketing agency in Pune brought forth unbelievable results! 

Want to know how GladOwl, a digital advertising agency performed in the lockdown? Read on. 

At GladOwl, we faced our own set of challenges. While many clients were on board to continue their digital marketing efforts, some needed a little convincing. Not to mention, there was a drop in traffic and searches, as well as purchases online. As per the report of traffic analytics, the traffic was down by 80% as compared to January, February and till March 15th. If there were around 30,000 searches before, it was down to 8000 or less after the lockdown. This meant that fewer people were searching for things online, making it difficult to get lead generation results. But nothing can stop an innovative and creative agency from breaking the norms and finding smart ways to bring in customers.

During the pandemic, we formulated new strategies and used all possible digital platforms to capture potential leads. As a result, we were able to generate incredible traffic for our clients and also get some amazing qualified leads for universities and colleges. In fact, programs like engineering, MBA/PGDM and BBA received unbelievable applications during this time with our strategic marketing. 

The 6 Digital Tools We Used During this Lockdown for Universities and Colleges:

1. Google Ads

Our digital teams specialize in Google Ads, and we were able to generate a lot of enquiries for webinars, applications, and our clients’ businesses through the right use of this effective marketing tool.

2. Social Media 

Since more and more people were spending time on social media, we targeted ads towards our specific markets and received a number of leads and unique visitors to landing pages and websites from social media. Our message was simple, hopeful, and positive – something that cut through all the clutter of negativity and anxiety during such times. We reached out to many students of universities and colleges pursuing their engineering, MBA/PGDM or BBA and shared relevant information about admissions and applications.

3. Blogs and Articles  

As many people were reading online to get information about the latest news and updates, we emphasized on writing information-rich blogs and articles to encourage our customers. For instance, we wrote about an institute who managed to deliver 100% placements in spite of the lockdown. Such news is a relief for students and inspires them to work harder towards their goals.

4. SEO 

When business is slow, it’s the perfect time to work on your website and SEO. At GladOwl, we did a website audit for many of our clients and focused on enhancing their SEO as per the recent search engine algorithms.

5. Email Marketing 

Students were worried and confused about their future during this time. We successfully used email marketing campaigns to communicate clear and precise information about admissions and changes in the application processes of universities. We also used email marketing to spread a little positivity and hope amongst customers of various brands.

6. Webinars

We conducted various webinars during the lockdown to help customers, parents, students, and clients find answers to all the questions about the lockdown and their future. Educational experts came online to assure students of the complete online process of admissions and gave them the confidence to apply to their dream universities. 

If you thought university applications during the lockdown are impossible, think again. Our digital marketing strategies brought in 4700 qualified leads and sold out 500+ paid applications. We helped universities reach out to their students irrespective of the lockdown. Similarly, we also supported many other companies to sell their products online and reach out to their prospects. 

Looking to promote your small or medium business online? Are you an educational institute, coaching class, school, or college looking to get more applications? Want to explore the benefits of digital marketing for your company? Contact GladOwl – a leading digital advertising agency in Pune today!

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