5 Tips to Sell Properties Online in the Covid-19 Age

5 Tips to Sell Properties Online in the Covid-19 Age

The last few months have definitely made us value our home more than ever before. It has become our office, school, playground, restaurant, movie theatre, café, and so much more. Above all, a home is now the safest place to be.

That’s why a number of customers who didn’t intend on buying a home last year are now seriously considering choosing their dream home and moving in as early as possible. This brings a ray of sunshine and some silver lining for real estate companies in Pune.

With the Covid-19 impact, even millennials who earlier had a no-strings-attached approach towards homeownership are rethinking their stand. With more than 40% of millennials looking for their dream home and considering buying it at the right price, it’s time for property owners to step up their marketing game.

The top 5 Tips to Sell Properties Online:

1. Don’t Get Social – But Don’t Forget Social Media

A few years ago, no one would believe you if you said that you can sell a home on a social media platform. It was all about exhibitions, site visits, and one-to-one interactions. But today, the scenario is completely different. Many builders in Pune have successfully sold a number of units with the right social media promotions. Customers are now spending more than 2 hours extra per day on their phones and laptops, offering a great opportunity to tap them in the digital space. Plus, the younger generation can be best reached out through the right social media channels. 

2. Embrace Technology to the Fullest – It’s Your Best Friend

Since customers can’t come to you, you must go to them with the same experiences safely and virtually. You can conduct free webinars to offer information to new customers, host FB or Instagram Live sessions, have virtual tours of your sample flat, and so much more. Also, don’t forget to use as many good photographs and videos as you can to connect with your audiences and convert them.

3. Participate in Virtual Property Exhibitions – Be Eventful

The new normal has brought forth some great innovations for real estate companies. The virtual property fairs are an excellent way to connect with your prospects and showcase your projects in the best possible light.

4. Run a Lead Generation Campaign – Right Time, Right Place

You’d be surprised at the number of searches for homes in Pune or affordable 2BHK flats. If your property is not popping up at the right time to the right customer, you may be lacking the right lead generation strategies. Invest in lead generation tools to ensure that you can target customers looking for a home in a particular area or within a particular budget. High-quality leads can definitely help you make a sale.

5. Be Flexible – Go the Extra Mile

Customers are also unsure about the entire online process and therefore, may have certain questions or reservations about buying a home online. Be flexible and agile in your approach so that you can satisfy every customer and their unique needs. Good service, honest communication and transparent deals are now more important than ever.

These tips to sell properties online can help you combat the after-effects of the pandemic and steadily increase your sales every month. If you’re looking for a marketing partner to help you through the digital promotions for your projects, contact GladOwl today and sell more properties online than offline!

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